HIVE Product Release Updates

Since the May introduction of the new HIVE™ CMS desktop application, which received a complete overhaul of the user interface and greatly improved user experience, we have been diligently working to add functionality, stability and speed. The result is a fast and easy content management solution for design professionals.

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What’s New?

Your Requests have been answered! Now users can easily create requests for content and managers can communicate with them through the process. Similar to a helpdesk ticketing system (but much friendlier), the new Requests feature enables users to get the content they need from the most trusted source, your organization.

Add Details, Priority, Requirement Date, Libraries & Attachments to Content Requests

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Users can create the request and provide helpful information to inform content providers.

Search, Comments, Voting & Watching

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Requests can be reviewed by users, upvoted/liked and watched for changes.

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Admins can communicate with requestors using the comments feature.

BI Data Downloads Are Back!

Need more flexibility for visualizing your data? If you’re a data junkie, we have a fix for you. All of the data for your organization is now available in an easy to use spreadsheet format.

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BI Data

Use the data in your favorite BI app or download our PowerBI template to help you get started. This template requires just a few minutes to configure for your data.

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Model Summary

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Content Usage Reports

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Detailed Save to Central Analysis

Made for Revit

While our CMS desktop software is capable of managing any kind of content, it really shines with Autodesk Revit®. CTC Software customers know that our team has built a comprehensive collection of products longer than most anyone in the industry. That experience, and our dedication to our customers has help us create an intuitive product with a highly optimized workflow for Revit projects in any version.

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With the 21.0.5 version, we’ve significantly improved Revit detection and responsiveness. Select any open instance of Revit to interact with it.

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With the 21.0.6 version, we have increased filtering functionality, allowing for imperial vs metric ‘Display Units’ and explicit Revit ‘Versions’ filtering.

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Additionally in the 21.0.6 version, we added the Open/Download options to content Right clicks

Robust Management, Anywhere

HIVE™ is easy to set up and manage. All of the libraries, projects, tags and analytics are administered via a single location.
With this version, we’ve added more robust content update capabilities. Using a simple process and a spreadsheet editor, content managers can make sweeping changes to content data for their organization.

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Use a Find/Replace operation to change file pointers of the files stored locally.

A similar spreadsheet workflow can be used, allowing HIVE admins to manage HIVE users and groups. For even more power, HIVE administrators can leverage the CTC Active Directory Accounts Sync tool to automatically generate and manage HIVE users and groups directly from internal corporate Active Directory.

HIVE Interface Screenshot Users and Groups

Organizations can sync their local users and groups to the HIVE system with our AD Sync tool or with the export/import function within the user management portal

Born on the Cloud

HIVE is not just a desktop solution with the cloud tacked on, it was built with all the advantages of the cloud from the start.
Since 2016 CTC Software has offered a cloud-based content management solution that breaks down brick and mortar barriers to seamlessly enable sharing design content. Now more than ever limitless access to the right components and content is critical to keeping businesses collaboration running smoothly. Whether you’re working across town, or across the world, CTC has you covered.