HIVE 20.0 to HIVE 21.0 Update

Since the May introduction of the new HIVE™ 21.0 CMS desktop application, which received a complete overhaul of the user interface and greatly improved user experience, we have been diligently working to add functionality, stability and speed. The result is a fast and easy content management solution for design professionals.

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Transitioning to HIVE version 21.0

We at CTC want to be certain that you have transitioned to the HIVE 21.0 platform so you do not experience an interruption in use. Visit this page to schedule a time for a one on one to transition to HIVE 21.0.

How do you know if you are still on the HIVE 20.0 platform?

If you see the following when you sign on:
HIVE Interface Screenhsot 1

Then you are still on HIVE version 20.0…

Perhaps you rarely see the logon page, and you see an interface that looks like this:

HIVE Interface Screenhsot

Or after searching, see something like this…

HIVE Interface Screenhsot

Then you are certainly using HIVE 20.0 and will need to upgrade.

HIVE 21.0 looks like this  -

Logon Page:
HIVE Interface Screenhsot
Home Page:
HIVE Interface Screenhsot
Search Results:
HIVE Interface Screenhsot

If you find yourself still working in HIVE 20.0, you need to migrate ASAP. Please click here to schedule a time for a one on one walkthrough of the upgrade process.

CTC will migrate your HIVE 20.0 content collection into the HIVE 21.0 CMS environment and work with you to get everything set up. Please take action before May 4th so you don’t lose any production time.

What steps will you take?
  1.  Schedule a time for a one on one to transition to HIVE 21.0 by clicking this link
  2. Get a demo of the HIVE 21.0 environment
  3. Install the HIVE 21.0 environment
  4. Uninstall the HIVE 20.0 environment
  5. Continue to benefit from the productivity of the HIVE platform!