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New users can be productive with Revit MEP right from the start. This site-license starter pack includes a project template, electrical content, shared parameters file, a user’s guide and a sample project. Utilize the “I” in BIM with the Electrical Productivity Pack for Revit MEP.


  • Buit-in formulas to calculate MOCP, FLA, KVA, & more (with overrides provided for each)
  • Parametric Electrical One-line diagrams & feeder schedules in Revit
  • 420 + electrical families with over 200 symbols
  • Electrical clearence areas based on NEC guidelines
  • All family content is fully integrated with extensive schedules & tags

Additional Electrical Related Parameters

  • Motor is ECM
  • Motor coordination is required
    • Causes instances to appear in motor coordination list & apperance in electrical power views
  • Largest motor multiplier
  • Support for proper load calculations when a single family (e.g. AHU) contains mulitple power connections

Streamlines Parametric Naming

  • Removing units from naming (which facilitates Imperial & metric units)
    • i.e. Motor Power Input vs. Horsepower Input
  • Parameters set to proper HVAC or Electrical Units

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