New HIVE Dashboards

The CTC Software development team recently released some new HIVE dashboards that were originally marked ‘Coming Soon’. Well, soon has arrived for these newly available Project Activity reports. Model Summary now allows you to see the last view counts and links in the model. And, some may argue more importantly, on this report viewers can also understand some of the core values in the model. Model Warnings has also been released, allowing instant access to detailed or summarized warnings from models. These warnings are served up on a silver platter for your team to plan model maintenance way before opening the model manually. Finally, Revit Versions by Project are available to help managers understand potential issues with multiple sub-versions of Revit actively working in the same models. Knowing this and repairing the issues early can help keep Revit models healthy and significantly reduce crash risk.

HIVE is constantly updating to improve user experience and generally increase the value-add from investing in it as a solution to your content needs. Stay tuned for other great improvements coming soon.