V20.0.2 (Released 11.15.19)

    • at 8:22 AM #9116
      Pipe Designer Bug Fix Fixed logic around use of Crown matching factor when loading a pipe run. Added options for how crown factor and drop is calculated upon loading a pipe run.  
      Pipe Designer New Feature Added rule set validation functionality, including highlighting of values when a violation occurs. Added additional fields for structures, pipes, and rule status.  Allow sorting and display control of columns. Improved functionality for match crowns design method. Added option to display pipe crown/obvert or top of pipe, in addition to invert.
      Sheet Generator Bug Fix Fixed issue where matchline clipping at the start and end of station ranges didn’t work when station range is only a portion of the alignment.  
      Data Wizard Bug Fix Fixed issue where Point Groups weren’t populating the Filter dropdown menu. Fixed issue where column headers were becoming mismatched with column data.   
      Data Wizard New Feature Added per-item or per-instance functionality for all object types, where every instance get its own row, not just a summary or representative item per row. This serves purposes where unique information for each instance needs to be tabulated. Added support for Solids and Parcel object types. Added additional fields relevant to Solids and Parcels, including Site Name. 
      Sheet Generator Bug Fix Fixed issue where matchline text isn’t updating after running Update Layouts command. Fixed issue and improved functionality for when north arrow sits outside of the viewport extents. Sheet Generator now looks for the closed instance to the viewport of the selected north arrow block.  Fixed issue where last sheet won’t update when running Update Layouts on an odd number of layouts.  Fixed issue where when include headers is checked on the final page of wizard, headers still didn’t show. 
      Entire Suite Bug Fix Fixed suite-wide issue where licensing doesn’t work when user doesn’t have access to key licensing folders.  
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