V20.0.1 (Released 8.5.19)

    • at 4:30 PM #8676

      Supported Civil 3D Versions:

      • 2017-2020

      Entire Suite:

      • Upon uninstallation, installer now removes CIM Manager Suite .MNR files from user APPDATA folder.
      • Simplified number of help buttons in apps.
      • Added functionality for help file access when hovering over button and pressing F1.

      Template Tracker:

      • Reference objects’ naming standard improved.
      • Improved app refresh speed.
      • Resolved issue causing crashing when Layers referenced in Profile Band Styles.
      • Resolved issue with swapping Dimension Styles across multiple reference types.
      • Resolved issue with double-clicking on Block references.

      Layer Boss:

      • Resolved issue causing crashing when Object Layer commands were attempted.

      Linetype Manager:

      • Added functionality to insert Linetype definitions into current drawing, and to copy a Linetype definition.
      • Increased size of preview window height.

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