Hive Analytics Plugin for Acad & Civil 3D

    • at 2:45 PM #8239

      Hive also includes Project Activity Logger, which is a project data analyzing tool, including things like open/save times, time in project files per users, apps and plugins usage, and much more. It saves it to a simple cloud-based portal where projects can be defined and monitored to maintain efficient use of your technology. Please review the PAL product page and additional comments below and share your thoughts on what would make Hive for CAD users better.

      1. For Project Managers
        • Time spent in a given file and user doing so
        • Time spent doing certain tasks in base files, sheet files
        • Create projects in web portal to monitor performance on project files
      2. For IT and CAD Managers
        • Software versions and updates installed
        • Software apps and plugins used, frequency
        • Open, save, close times for given file size, types

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