Hive Content Plugin for Acad & Civil 3D

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      Hive is currently a content management system for Revit users. This will be expanded to include AutoCAD, Civil 3D and other Autocad platforms. Please review the Hive product page and additional comments below and share your thoughts on what would make Hive for CAD users better.

      Additional CAD features:
      • Civil 3D and AutoCAD Plugin that provides searchable, and easy access to all CAD content for users, including:
      o Templates, including the styles, layers, etc. within
      o Titleblocks and other source drawings
      o Block libraries (dwg)
      o Detail libraries (dwg, pdf, etc.)
      o Help Documentation, manuals (word, excel, pdf, etc.)
      o Lisps
      o Subassemblies (custom and standard, in both PKT or .NET format)
      o Pipe and Pressure Catalogs
      • User Interface
      o Would have plugin in Civil 3D and Autocad, as well as standalone app.
      o Search and filter to find content quickly.
      o Organizable into different groups, tabs, etc.
      o Quick interfaces like Tool Palettes or CUI, but easy to manage, more stable, and all in one place.
      • Management of all content would be easy
      o Cloud hosted
      o Drop files in folders, tag them with appropriate info, then Hive will do the rest.
      o Allows easy insertion into production drawings of all content above.
      o Thumbnail creation automation. No other background files to deal with, like tool palette ATC files, CUIX files, etc.

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