CTC Reflects on 2019 and Looks Forward to 2020

We want to thank all of our clients and partners for a very successful 2019!  Many exciting things happened throughout the year. Our team launched new products, worked with many new customers and continued to build strong partnerships.  A highlight was having the opportunity to work with several new large customers, including some of the top Fortune 100 companies, in developing features in our toolsets to open workflows for their architectural, engineering, and construction workflows!

As the calendar turns to 2020, and a new decade, we wanted to share some of our vision for the future, while recalling some of the highlights from the past year:

CTC Team Growth and Partners:

In 2019 we more than doubled the size of our development team!  This enables us to push towards our vision of bringing our solutions together around our AEC productivity platform, which we will cover below in more detail.

Our partners, ATG USA in the United States, and SolidCAD in Canada, continued to develop resources to assist customers to adopt impactful technology and workflow-enhancing solutions.  CTC is proud to partner exclusively with these companies.  Their large team of industry experts assist in providing project- and firm-specific applications of our products to clients.  Our partners are invaluable as our dedicated “boots on the ground,” working with our development team to collect feedback on our tools, new workflows and help drive our product directions.  In the next year we will be announcing even more partnerships to ensure localized support and coverage for our customers outside of North America.

New Productivity Tools for Civil 3D®

Thanks to the efforts of our amazing development team, we more than doubled the number of Civil 3D tools we offer.  New tools in our recently launched CIM Manager Suite™ for CAD managers are:  Line-type Manager, Layer Boss, Template Tracker and Survey Template Manager. New to the CIM Project Suite™ are the time saving Sheet Generator and Data Wizard. 

BIM Suite Additions for Revit®

Civil didn’t get all the attention in 2019.  Our Revit tool suites received many new workflow innovations as well. BIM Batch Suite™ now includes the powerful new tool called Project Processor.  Manage Revit Project Links was added as a new tool within the BIM Manager Suite™ and the Occupant Flow Analyzer was added to the BIM Project Suite™.


HIVE debuted many new features in March at the annual Midwest University event.  A number of key enhancements have been automatically rolled out to the ever-expanding user base: company-wide saved searches, vastly improved search performance plus several more customer-requested features and enhancements.

For 2020, we are expanding the HIVE Suite even more, with online project and content analytics and an even more streamlined interface.  All of this will be backed up by a highly optimized, globally scalable and robust platform of services.


As we celebrate and reflect on the many accomplishments and organizational growth of 2019, we must keep our focus on the future.  In 2020 we will be rolling out a brand-new streamlined website with a variety of new features to assist our clients to manage licensing, user permissions and display meaningful and impactful reports to help clients realize a higher return on their investment in CTC products.  

More productivity tools currently in the works include:  a labelling automation tool, auto site grading, site earthwork tool, robust 3D clash detection in Civil 3D and Pipe Networks-Excel sync integration.  Our first major release dates will be officially announced and revealed for trial use at the Midwest University event in March 2020, at which we hope to see many of you!  Don’t worry if you can’t make it though, as we will be broadcasting the news across social media and upcoming webcasts.  2020 is going to be a big year for CTC and our clients, so expect exciting announcements in the coming months! 

Again, we would like to thank you, our loyal customers. Thank you for your continued feedback, business, and time spent in working with us.  Have a wonderful season with your friends and families, and we will see you all soon in 2020.


Warmest regards from all of us at CTC Software.